Keep your plant and equipment running smoothly with a maintenace schedule by us!

Domestic - Air Conditioning

When was the last time your high wall split system was cleaned correctly, not just a quick filter wash?

We have the necessary equipement to clean and wash the indoor evaporator coil, fan barrel and condensate drainage system of your wall mounted split system to restore your unit to optimal performance.

The chemicals we use are safe for indoor use, completely biodegeadable, low odor and will not damage or corrode metal parts like other strong acidic and alkalinc cleaning methods.

Evaporative Coolers

We also perform seasonal maintenance to evaporative cooling systems as well as filter pad, motor, pump and float valve replacement.

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Commercial - Air Conditioning

Do you own or manage investment properties with air conditioning or refrigeration systems? Or you may simply require someone to service your equipment at home so you don’t have to worry about it.

With the ever increasing costs of electricity, why waste good money on a system not running at optimum performance?

Often unfortunately many systems go unchecked and neglected until a major costly breakdown occurs. More often then not this is due to lack of or no periodical maintenance of the equipment to keep it running and serviced as per best practice or where outlined in the manufacturers servicing requirements.

Contact us to work out a suitable plan to maintain your air conditioning or refrigeration plant and equipment today.

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